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Health is an important issue for seniors and baby boomers. There is always a significant increase in hospital and doctor visits by those over the age of 50, many already suffering from such ailments as diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

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Poor diet and lack of exercise has been the main contributor up to now, but with the increased awareness and the availability of standard treatments, seniors and baby boomers are now more health conscious than ever before. Many are now considering losing their excess weight and getting more active to at least minimize the cause and effect of these diseases.

New preventive drugs are now available for seniors and baby boomers, and with the technology available today, aging boomers are now able to seek the medical attention they need before it becomes a problem. They can now benefit from different government and private organization offers, such as free medical check ups.

With all the benefits of today’s medical technology, it is expected that baby boomers will likely live longer than previous generations of Americans. In fact, of the 3.4 million people born in 1946, many are still alive and will enjoy the benefit of living longer than their predecessors, simply because of the advancement in medical technology.

This means that we can expect to live longer than ever before, but the caveat remains that while our senior and baby boomer populations grow, they will also cause Medicare to be much more in demand. Therefore, it is reasonable to expect there will be an increasing need for more hospitals and professional caregivers around the nation. There is already a shortage of such persons and institutions with little hope for improvement.

So, because of the latest medical technology, seniors and baby boomers can expect to live longer than previous Americans, but they must remain health conscious and are stay as active as possible in order to enjoy the precious gift they have been given. Preventive care is the key to a long and healthy life and it is never too late to start taking better care of yourself in order to prevent serious diseases such as diabetes and heart related diseases from developing.