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Today’s baby boomers are now in their 50s and 60s. ADEA, (Age Discrimination in Employment Act) protects everyone from age discrimination, but especially people who are in that age group. If you are a part of the baby boomers population, you still have rights in the workplace and you shouldn’t be a victim of unemployment just because of your age.


Many people in their 50s and 60s have found it hard to find a job in the United States simply because of their age, and if this happens to you, you should file a complaint in the EEOC or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. More and more people are now filing complaints about age discrimination in the workplace, and if more people knew their rights, the number would increase more dramatically.

Many employers or companies today hire people based basing on age instead of qualifications. This means that even if you are more qualified to do the job than other applicants, the chances for you to get hired by the company are slim just because you were born in the baby boomers era.

Baby boomers were born on the post World War II era and before the Vietnam War. Boomers came of age during the fight for civil rights in the United States, so you, as a part of the baby boomers population, should know your rights as a citizen of the United States.

Age discrimination is still a growing problems in the country today. In the workplace, people who reach that certain age are discriminated against by their employers and many baby boomers even lost their jobs as a result of growing older. It doesn’t need to happen to you if you know your rights.

The EEOC administers the ADEA. Since 1967, age discrimination against workers has been prohibited by law, and while some employers continue to try skirting the law, you should know that it is your right to have equal employment opportunity.

Perhaps with the growing economy under the Trump administration, the abuses will dissipate, but until then, you have to realize that age bias is still around. No one should be discriminated about against for any reason, but it is a fact of life that there will always be employers who are biased against those of a different gender, or race, or religion, or AGE. All of these forms of discrimination are unethical and illegal.

So know your rights as a citizen. If you do experience age discrimination, contact your nearest EEOC office and tell them about any discrimination you experienced when applying for a job or the age discrimination you experienced when you got laid off from a job.

Remember your rights and you will never have to be a victim of age discrimination. Always remember that ADEA and EEOC are there to help you with your problems of discrimination in the workplace.

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