The Secrets behind the Baby Boomers Controversial History

Throughout mankind’s history, nothing beats the most egoistic generation-the baby boomers generations. Their history was presented through sayings, vignettes, quotations, and slogans which characterized and shaped them. The pleasure, the pain, and the trauma of times fall right into perspectives.

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They protested everything including their civil rights, animal rights, and viewpoint on foreign wars. All through the years, they became witnesses of history, made a little of it, and later on produced pop cultures treasured with aphorisms. These sayings, quotations and slogans are the striking view of change and growth.

 For them, their rich history lies in their music albums, books, movies and TV shows created by the people who deeply influenced them. These key events are represented in a way that became a portion of the collective subconscious of many people.

 Baby boomers grew up in the most prosperous generation of the 20th century where they were protected in small towns and suburbs, enjoying better health as well as expecting fuller, longer lives compared to their predecessors. They lived through the greatest and longest period of economic prosperity in our history. However, this way of living sometimes made them see the world through unfulfilled promise, self-doubt, and longing.

Baby boomers became more idealistic than realistic. They became alienated and disillusioned with their country if the things they wanted to happen were not realized. From their infancy, the opportunity of fertile fields lay beneath their feet, offering them growing wonders and asking them to use it in the best way they could. But they suffered when their parents protected and pampered them, only to build a generation free from the deprivation and fear of the previous generations.

As a result, they inadvertently gave birth to the two split waves of activists which we see today. The left wing and the right wing politics were produced and strengthened by the continued series of counter and cultural revolutions.

The distinctiveness of baby boomers born after the World War II cannot be denied. They set out to save the world while growing to a population of 76 million. Before the war, experts had predicted that the birthrate declines in America during the Great Depression would continue, but when the soldiers of WWII returned home, the old routine of bearing children was again adopted as our economy flourished. The baby boomers influence in America has been a freak incident caused by material affluence, war victory, fear of loss, and youthful optimism.

Shortly after the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombing, almost 16 million GIs returned to America. Moreover, the amount of babies born per month reached 338,000. It was been said that the 1945 population of babies was increased to one million, then from 1954 to 1957, four million baby boomers were born peaking at 4.3 million. The census reveals that there are 38,038,000 men and 38,503,000 women in their ranks, 61 million are white, 9 million are black, and the remaining 6 million are comprise of the Asian, Indian, and Hispanic race.

The baby boomer phenomenon was also caused by the Cold War in the 1950’s giving emphasis to the family’s strengths and moms staying at home, getting pregnant and attending to the kitchen. Baby boomers received their elementary as well as their secondary education during the 50’s and 60’s. While some boomers were called to serve in the Vietnam War, others simply entered adulthood. Jobs were plentiful and many went straight into a profession straight out of high school. Many women baby boomers held off marriage until they could get established in a career.

The second wave of baby boomers (1958 onward) did not have as strong a generational identity compared to the first wave. Generation Gap began to occur and their elders no longer trusted these boomers. The first wave became hippies in the 60s while the second wave became punks. Both waves express their dissatisfaction of the world, but they differed entirely on the “American Dream.” First wave baby boomers surpassed or equaled the standard of living their parents enjoyed, but the second wave was the exact opposite, relying more on their parents for financial support.

They established their belief that someday they would run the country’s institutions, redefine old age and retirement, generate more money, and experience extraordinary leisure. However, many baby boomers never came close to that dream, and the possibility that they will run out of money to live according to their previous standard looms ever present.

Many baby boomers have started home businesses to help support themselves, and a great number have been rousing successes, but as demand changes and aging continues, baby boomers are always on the lookout for new opportunities.